RDM has a Packaging Testing Lab and fully equipped sales and service office in Minneapolis, MN, to support the growing demand for cutting edge testing solutions.

The lab is equipped with significant investment in packaging testing facilities, providing a sales demonstration facility for RDM products and a contract testing lab. Our customers can now benefit from direct after sales support and calibration services for their test equipment.

Lab facilities include:

  • Laboratory Heat Sealing, Seal Strength Testing and Hot Tack Testing for heat sealability testing of barrier materials.

  • Package Integrity (Leak & Burst) testing for finished packs, such as food and medical device pouches.

  • Friction Testers for measuring slip of flat materials such as packaging films.

  • Medical Heat Sealers for sealing sterile barrier packs in cleanroom environments.

  • Calibration and service facilities for all existing RDM users.