GF-392 Gelbo Flex Tester

Gelbo Flex Tester GF392 HI-RES.png
Gelbo Flex Tester GF392 HI-RES.png

GF-392 Gelbo Flex Tester

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Precision engineered for long life and low maintanence, the GF-392 Gelbo Flex Tester enables the standard practice for conditioning flexible barrier materials for flex durability to ASTM F392


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The GF-392 Gelbo Flex Tester is a microprocessor controlled system, with a user controllable pre-set method programed for ASTM F392. This makes the GF-392 both versatile and very easy to use, with only minimal user training needing.

Test practices are useful for determining the resistance of flexible packaging materials to flex formed pin hole failures, failures in integrity of one or more piles of a multi-ply structure, and breakdown of barrier properties such as gas or moisture transmission rates.

ASTM F392 specifies a variety of conditioning levels, and the GF-392 can be programmed to comply with each method. The sample (200mm x 280mm) is attached to the instrument mandrels with two clamps. The instrument then provides a twisting action combined with a horizontal oscillation and the number of cycles are counted.


  • Rate of cycles: 45 / min
  • Standards: ASTM F392 conditioning levels A-E
  • Stroke Distance: 80 or 155 mm Microprocessor & LCD display
  • Twisting Angle: 400 deg or 440 deg
  • Power: 110 or 230 Vac, 50 Hz, 700VA
  • Home position for easy machine set-up
  • Dimensions: 410(H) x 1,130(W) x 380(D)
  • Weight: 45 kg unpacked