SST-3XS Seal Strength Tester


SST-3XS Seal Strength Tester

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Touchscreen Precision Seal Strength / Tensile / Compression Tester for determining the strength of packaging materials including plastics, paper and board.

Producing consistent and repeatable packaging for your product not only ensures minimal handling damage, but is vital in delivering a consistent brand to your customers. Precise measurement of the mechanical properties of materials and final packages is one way to ensure consistency and reduce material costs.

Accuracy and versatility in testing is vital, and the SST-3XS provides the technology and range of options to deliver for your specific needs. An intelligent controller and touch screen user interface stores multiple settings for later recall, and controls settings to ensure calibrated accuracy to international testing standards.

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  • Versatility to meet many international testing standards with packaging testing grips and attachments
  • Integral controller and data analysis for stand alone use in laboratory and production environments, optional pc data acquisition
  • Convenient built in graphical display of test data and trends over multiple samples
  • Simple test set up and memory of settings for later recall makes switching between methods fast
  • Low Maintenance - 12 months between calibrations


  • 5.7" touch screen controller for precise control and measurement of force, distance and speed
  • Memory recipe function for quick and accurate recall of settings
  • Standard 100N load cell, optional to 500N, interchangeable
  • Standard 300mm crosshead travel, optional 550mm travel